Tinnitus treatment trends

Tinnitus is a very common disease in the population, between 10 and 15% of the population suffers from this problem.
The cause may be a disease at the otorhinolaryngology sphere, but once the specialist has made the assessment and ruled out disease in the ear, the possibility and the demand by the patient with the treatment of tinnitus without demonstrable cause appears.



As shown in the referenced article “Tinnitus Treatment Trends” of the journal Otology & Neurotology, there are many treatments, both pharmacological and physical, that have no scientific basis. Only have shown some effect those dedicated to psychic pathology (anxiety, depression) that worsen tinnitus, if the patient suffers that illness.

As in other areas, insists the article mentioned, when knowledge can not explain certain deficits, this vacuum is filled by false truths that take advantage of this situation, in this case certain treatments of tinnitus are a scam based on the lack of effective treatments

Given the high economic and social cost caused by this waste of resources it is proposed that currently the treatment of this pathology is structured as follows:

  1. Visit and clinical examination by the specialist in Otolaryngology to identify treatable causes of tinnitus.
  2. Discuss the pathology, prognosis, triggers with the patient, and hygienic measures such as environmental masking.
  3. Assess consultation with specialist physician for psychological state, if deemed necessary, so that it can help treat a patient’s reaction to tinnitus so important that causes you discomfort. On this last point should be noted that the treatment goal is the patient’s response to tinnitus and not the tinnitus itself.

Currently in our center does not recommend further treatment for this entity, there is no other treatment that has demonstrated clear scientific evidence, despite multiple propagandistic offer that can be found in different media.

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